Buccaneers Talib wanted for Felony aggravated assault w/deadly weapon

Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner back is in trouble again. He is wanted by the Garland police for Felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which stems from an incident with this sisters boyfriend on March 21st. According to reports, his sister called him over after a fight with the boyfriend and when Talib confronted the man, he pistol whipped him. Which caused the Boyfriend to back up and start to leave, which then is reported that the mother Okolo Talib brandished a pistol and fired shots at the man. After the mother missed, it is reported that Aqib took the gun and fired additional shots at the boyfriend, who was zig zagging while he was running away. Police issued warrants for both the mother and Aqib and she has reportedly turned herself in. He is supposed to turn him self in later this week.

This is not the first incident with Talib, he has had problems in the past and this one is a serious problem for him. He could possibly serve 5-20 years for this charge. He was ordered to take anger management classes after he had a run in with a Tampa cab driver. I guess they didn’t do any good, because he¬† is looking at some serious trouble here. Even if he can avoid jail time, he is looking at a long suspension from the league. Commissioner Roger Goodell has said that he will deal with all behavior issues after the lockout. This is just another case of a young player feeling entitled and not thinking about his actions before doing something stupid.

*Update* He has turned himself in today and already posted bail, which was set at $25,000.

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  2. I guess this proves making millions doesn’t make you smart. Who cares? All of these kind of idiots will rid themselves of the league given time.

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