Bruce Pearl Out at Tennessee

In a move that really wasn’t that big of a surprise, it has been leaked out to media outlets that Bruce Pearl has officially coached his last game. One of the biggest hold ups that kept this from happening sooner was some word about a potential buy out. I have to wonder why, he hasn’t been under contract since his previous one was voided when all his issues with the NCAA came to light. I guess Tennessee wants to do something right for the public relations thought, but if I was in charge, I would run him out the door without a dime. He has brought a huge burden on the university.

It is amazing to me that the guy is still so popular with the fan base and has so much support, even though the school will be facing some possible strict sanctions because of his lying. It just makes me wonder if he will find another coaching job in major college basketball anytime in the near future. I think Pearl is a great coach and can find his way back, and probably be successful down the road. It will just take a little time for him to over come this bump in the road.

4 thoughts on “Bruce Pearl Out at Tennessee

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  2. It’s just like everything else in life, if you don’t win, or you cheat, you lie, you don’t follow the rules or you steal they will fire you. I would think it holds true for all of us. Makes you wonder how he got the job in the first place. Hello?

    • He won at UW Milwaukee, that’s how he got the Tennessee job. He will probably get another good job after his punishment. Winners are always wanted.

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