Brian Vickers Return to NASCAR, amazing at best

Last year Brian Vickers had his season cut short when he was suffering of blood clots in his legs and even one being found in his finger. When this got reported last year, a lot of experts seemed to think that this would end his career, because there was a risk of him suffering a stroke and being unable to compete. But Vickers did the smart thing when he found out the issues, he sat down for the rest of the season and opted to have heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart that could be part of the blood clot problem.

As the season progressed last year, he stayed in fans prayers and thoughts but everyone was still skeptical for his return. Then in September he was cleared for this season and everyone thought that was great, but still didn’t believe the thought he would return. His sponsor stayed with him and kept his ride available for him. So when the circuit hit speed weeks, he was in the car and ready to drive.

Through 3 races this year he has started all of them and has even had one top ten this season. With the circuit going to Bristol this weekend, there is still a feel good story in his return from something so scary. While he may not be a favorite driver of most fans, or even a well known driver in the circuit, everyone wishes him well and would love to see him get into victory lane.

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4 thoughts on “Brian Vickers Return to NASCAR, amazing at best

  1. How on earth can you say Vickers is not very well known. He has been in the sport long enough both in Nationwide and Cup the he is known by all. I agree you can say Kyle (no last name) and everyone know who you are talking or Carl (no last name) but thats only because they have won so many races in both series. The more seat time Vickers has and a couple of wins he will be right up there with the rest of them. Glad he’s back and good luck to him.

    • Maybe saying he isn’t well known was the wrong wording. He is not a very popular driver, but he has been in the sport for a long time and I hope that he can regain his form and find ways to win more. Thanks for reading.

  2. That was a feel good story Kody. I enjoyed reading it. I did not know all of the facts. I’m impressed his team owner and sponsor rode this out with him. NASCAR is full of nice people. Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of the full story.

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