Jim Tressel resigns at Ohio State

This morning we awoke to some sudden,  but not very surprising news that Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel has decided to resign. Amid all of the problems from the last few months and speculation into what will be the final and decisive punishment from the NCAA. Some would say that this move should have been made two or three months ago.

In the end, he has stepped down and now opens the door for the rumors to start flying about who will be the next head coach at Ohio State. But some will have to wonder where Tressel will go from here and if any school will take a chance on him. In the meantime, Co-Defensive Coordinator Luke Fickell will take over coaching duties for this season. I am sure more details will follow in the next few days.

6 thoughts on “Jim Tressel resigns at Ohio State

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  2. Maybe they read your blog from a week or so ago…you suggested this, good call. I’m sure it was a resign or you’re fired deal.

    • This had to be a resign now, or we will fire you and drag you through the mud where you won’t get another job type deal. But nobody will say it.

  3. I’m a huge OSU fan. This can be a shame on how it’s played out so far and will over the next couple of months. I honestly believe that what he did was a mistake and/or maybe misguided. When dollars is involved men and women are going to do stupid points that will not just hurt themselves but others. I hope Coach Tressel the most beneficial and the OSU faithful act in a respectable manner towards him and his family.

  4. What is going on with college football ethics these sports issues continue to rise up this is a critical hit to a program heralded as it has been I hate to see Tressel have an exit like this.

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