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BracketDo you have what it takes to win the Bracket challenge?

It is that time of year again; everybody will run around with “March madness” and be talking about, thinking about and focusing solely on how to do their brackets. Yes it is always fun when you are working on and creating each of your brackets, with the dream of just getting lucky on one. You will trash talk your friends, family and even your co-workers to the point of people will hate you because you think you are a “bracket genius”. That is until the first big upset happens and your “lock” for the championship goes down in flames, then comes the depression of losing your bracket and being the joke of the office because you really don’t know what you’re doing.

Does any of this sound familiar? Be honest with yourself because it probably does, and we are all guilty of it this time of year. Because while most of us will not blink an eye at college basketball until March, when it comes to picking our brackets and putting our stamp on an office pool, or a friendly bragging rights pool, we all become smarter than the experts who sit and focus on these college teams from November until selection Sunday. I have gotten guilty of being overzealous about my brackets, and I even took a year off last year and just enjoyed the tournament for what it is. But this year I am back into bracket mania.

I want to invite everyone who reads and visits my site on a regular basis to join my group on CBS sports. This will be a no pressure, nothing at stake, just for fun bracket. I have set the limit to 3, because what fun is it limiting to just one? I am not an expert and I really don’t claim to be, but I enjoy the tournament and I hope to have a fun group of people who will join me and make this March Madness more fun than years past. What do you say? Why not click the link below and join the fun. I promise not to point and laugh too much when your bracket spontaneously combusts in the 3rd round. J

Here is the link if you’re interested. Kody’s Sports Korner Bracket challenge, the password is Sports2014

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