Boise State – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: What, No Takers?

Boise State was once the little program which dreamed of being one of the big dogs. They created an image as the little school with the blue field, which grew to mythical status because of its radical color. Then the time came to start challenging big boys around the country…they took on the moniker of “Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere”, and they had some takers. It started with a BCS game against Oklahoma in 2007, where they made themselves known around the country.  They  knocked off the heavily favored Sooners on the last play of the game. They were finally starting to get their foot in the door of the national spotlight.

In the 2009, season they got a coveted home game against the Oregon Ducks, who were highly ranked.  This was the time they needed to stand up and grab a victory on a national stage. They ended up winning this game, but sadly this game will be remembered more for a punch thrown after the game, than the quality of the game and ensuing victory by the Broncos on their now famous “Smurf Turf”.  At this point, you would think their program could request home and home series and get some respect, but teams still refused to go play inBoise.

However the Broncos have continued to find games to play against ranked opponents such asVirginiaTech inLandover,Maryland, and Georgia inAtlanta. But with each season,Boiseis having more and more trouble finding quality teams to step up against them. When a team likeBoisegoes out and beats who it schedules, teams are more reluctant to play them. Most of your teams are looking for pay day victories to boost their stats and win total before they have to face a tough conference schedule.

College football fans around the country are losing out ifBoiseStatecan’t find opponents down the road, because this is an exciting team to watch, but they won’t be seen nationally against lesser opponents. The Boise State administration is trying to maneuver itself into an automatic qualifying conference, but their latest move into the Mountain West Conference has backfired on them because the teams that made it attractive have moved on to other conferences now. UntilBoiseStatecan find a conference that will stay relevant enough to be an “AQ” conference, they need to continue to schedule the toughest teams available to have a shot at a BCS bowl. If teams won’t agree to playBoiseState, then all college football fans around the country will suffer.

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4 thoughts on “Boise State – Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere: What, No Takers?

  1. Kody, I never remember BSU or any of its coaches using that slogan. In fact, before Boise State was the BCS killer it is, that was Pat Hill’s motto at Fresno State. Lately, Hill and the Bulldogs have fallen on hard times, but I’m pretty sure he still uses that slogan.

    • I never meant to infer that they used that slogan. Point was, they have shown the nation that they are willing to travel. They played two years in a row on the east coast. But they can’t get any teams to agree to home and home. But even there chances of playing a strong non-conference opponents are dwindling every year. Nobody wants to play Boise St anymore, they would rather schedule “directional u”

    • Neat article Kody. They are tough and exciting. Loved your picture with the article. How many more teams are out there like Boise St ?,….TCU was one and now they made it. Fun to watch programs grow and prosper like this.

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