Blogger of the year finals! Please vote for me!

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that I am in the Blogger of the year finals. This is a great honor for me and my blog. I wouldn’t be sitting here with an opportunity to win, if it wasn’t for your support and loyalty to my blog. I will need your help to have a chance at winning the Blogger of the year title. So, if I could please ask one favor, Please go vote for me in this competition. I am just a little one man blog who has had the opportunity to chase a life long dream this past year. A win in this competition will do wonders for helping me grow my sight and get exposure. It may even give me enough exposure to finally find that full time writing job at a newspaper or website somewhere. Wouldn’t it be cool to say “I read his writing when…”

If you want to help me win this competition, then please click on the banner below and cast a vote for

BallHyped Sports Blog of the Year Tournament 2011

Voting ends at 2am central time on the 2nd. So please vote with every email address you have. Thanks everyone and Happy New Year

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2 thoughts on “Blogger of the year finals! Please vote for me!

  1. You got our vote Kody and we will pass the word. Everyone who reads your blog needs to vote for you and then tell all their friends. You are a good writer with a great perspective.

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