Birth of a Dream; My night in the Press box at UNT/Houston

When I started my blog back in 2008, it was nothing more than a minor hobby to enjoy while I was watching the sports I love so dearly. Over time as I blogged and posted my thoughts and opinions about each topic, something grew within me and kept me striving to be better on the next post. While I was feeling my way around blogging, my wife kept telling me to follow my dream and keep working towards my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal has always been to eventually become a full time sports writer, whether it is with a local paper or some national publication. As I have written articles over the last few years, I keep working towards that goal, but this past Saturday night, I got one step closer and really got a taste of my dream.

I decided before this football season to email the Sports information directors at North Texas, SMU and TCU about the possibility of attending a game with a press credential. While TCU was quick to tell me know, I exchanged numerous emails with the SID at North Texas, and unexpectedly I was granted a press credential to the home opener last Saturday night. I was extremely excited to find out that something I had hoped to do would now become reality. The week leading up to the game, I was a ball of nerves, wondering what the experience would bring. Every scenario went through my head and every “what if” kept going through my head as it grew closer to Saturday. Finally when Saturday arrived, it couldn’t get here fast enough, I was impatiently waiting to leave the house, but once I got on the road headed to the stadium, I had to go through the mental checklist to make sure I had everything.

Once I arrived at the stadium, it took me a while to find where I was supposed to pick up my credential and enter the press box. After asking a couple people where to go, I finally found my way to the media entrance, and at that moment it hit me, this is real, I am not dreaming. I walked in, and received my credential with no problem. As I was riding the elevator up to the 5th floor, which is the media level, I had so many different thoughts and emotions; it was a fight to stay composed. Once I reached the 5th floor and got off the elevator, I found the “Press room” and saw a list with seat assignments, and there it was #13- Kody Brannon – Kody’s Sports Korner. I can’t tell you the feelings that hit me, but at this point it was very real, I was official. I went around the corner and found my seat, right up against the window.

As I was sitting there unpacking my computer and getting everything situated before the game, I couldn’t help but think, “I don’t belong here, I am just a blogger among the real media”. Once I got my computer open and running, I started to feel like I fit in, but there was still some doubt in my mind about being able to sit through the whole game at this level. I have always been a very passionate person when it comes to sports, and I have always been one of the loudest to cheer and or yell when at a game, this was a concern because it seemed like everyone was going to be very businesslike. As I was thinking about all of this, I noticed it was almost time for the teams to return to the field and the game was about to start. I am in my element now, Football is being played and all I am doing is watching a game. I just happen to be watching this one from a seat that I would have never thought possible until this night.

Once the game got going, I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the action. I stayed business like through the whole game and even as able to chit chat with some of the other media guys, one guy next to me was a Referee Supervisor from Conference USA, how cool is that? I got to talk to him and learned some things that the average fan doesn’t get to know. The view was immaculate; I was able to see things happen during the game that TV can’t possibly show you. I really got a feel for what was happening on the field, as well as being able to understand the emotion of the night. Around halftime, I was able to step out onto an open air patio and over look the whole stadium, at this point it dawned on me…I am living my dream, I may not be a professional sports writer, but I am living my dream at this very moment. Talk about a sobering thought, here I am covering a college football game and it dawns on me that I have achieved part of my dream.

As the game wore on, I kept doing my thing, taking in the action while continuing to formulate my thoughts for the articles I intended to write. Once the game was over, I intended to go down to the post game press conference, but as my luck would have it, I ended up getting lost and couldn’t find where to go. So I just kept walking out to the parking lot. Once I got to my car, it was all over, I had to take stock of the entire night. At first I thought, “This is a dream and I will wake up soon” but it wasn’t because I had all of the press notes and booklets to prove it, not to mention the laminated credential. Yes, the night was very real and it was an amazing night. Sure, it was only North Texas, but it was still a division 1 football game and I can’t imagine anyone getting the opportunity to attend their first media event at something like this. My dream has more fire now than before, and I will continue to push for that dream to become reality, because Saturday night was the birth of a sports writer.

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4 thoughts on “Birth of a Dream; My night in the Press box at UNT/Houston

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  2. Loved it. What a thrill this had to be for you. You captured the moment my man. I loved the emotion…you could feel your excitement. Stay after it, you tell it from the human side. Very happy for you. Pulling for your dream.

  3. Your story reminded me of the path my husband was on a little over 25 years ago. He is no longer a sports writer (not his choice) , but it will always be in his blood. You brought back some great memories and reminded us of what we took for granted. Have fun following your dream!

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