Billy Clyde Gillispie is back in the Big XII

That’s right, it was announced last night that the man responsible for giving Texas A&M a basketball face has returned to the Big XII conference. This time he has just returned to the Barron waste land that is Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech. Which is funny because this is the same school that hired Bob Knight after he got ran out of Indiana for his temper. Texas Tech has never been a big threat in the Big XII in basketball and Bob Knight didn’t really change that, so I guess they feel like bringing him Gillispie can help fix that situation.

This is a solid chance to make a new name for himself after his DUI problems from Kentucky. Gillispie is a good recruiter and a solid coach, but much like the A&M job, this is going to test his reputation to the fullest. If Billy Clyde can turn things around in Lubbock, then he will have a chance to get another decent gig in College Basketball. Then again, after falling off the pinnacle of college basketball, he may be happy to just settle in and call Lubbock home for a while.

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4 thoughts on “Billy Clyde Gillispie is back in the Big XII

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  2. “Billy Clyde”. Now that’s a good W Tex name. Couldn’t believe he left A&M, but guess kentucky is too much of a magnet for a coach. We’ll see what he does here…who knows? He may fare better here than in the Blue Grass.

    • He should fare better there, because an NIT birth will make the Lubbock folks ecstatic. But he may have them be a sleeper in the Big XII, the guy can coach. Plus way less stress there.

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