Big XII race is wide open


This weekend will be a pivotal weekend in the Big XII as there are two match-ups between ranked teams and one match up of two teams poised to make the playoffs. These two games could have a big bearing on the conference race as well as the playoff race.

Kansas State is the only team right now to still be undefeated in conference play, and they will look to stay that way against TCU on Saturday. Meanwhile Baylor, who beat TCU looks to stay in the hunt against Oklahoma.  TCU will need Baylor to lose one more time to be able to win the conference, but Baylor just needs TCU to beat Kansas State and then they have an open shot to another conference title.

I have said numerous times, TCU looks to be the best team in the Big XII and their loss at Baylor was almost a fluke. Not taking anything away from Baylor, but TCU more gave that game to them then Baylor beat them. Which is why I wouldn’t be surprised to see Oklahoma beat Baylor this weekend. Meanwhile, TCU has had a good season and looks to keep it going, after hanging 82 points on Texas Tech, it took a last second field goal to beat West Virginia. TCU has had both sides of the spectrum when it comes to wins, tough close wins and blowouts.

Meanwhile Kansas State has only had one real test, and that was their victory at Oklahoma earlier this year, but the Wildcats have tough games at TCU,  at West Virginia and at Baylor remaining. This will make for an interesting finish for the Wildcats, if they can win out, then they will deserve a playoff shot.

This weekend could be a deciding factor in the Big XII race, because who ends up winning on this weekend between the two games, will have a leg up towards a conference championship. It would not surprise me to see the winner of TCU and Kansas State be the conference champion.

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