Big XII Defenses Rejoice! RGIII is going Pro

It has been a rumor around College Football since his Alamo Bowl performance that Robert Griffin III was going to go pro. It only made sense since he won the Heisman Trophy and had an outstanding performance in his bowl game. However there were still some people, mostly Baylor fans and alumni, who believed he would return to Waco for a swan song.

My big question would be – why? What does he have to gain or prove by staying another year? His mettle has been tested and he is a proven winner. Thankfully the rumor was put to rest when “RG3” as he has been officially dubbed, decided to announce his intentions today in a mid day press conference. He announced what most people suspected; he was going pro. Don’t you know Big XII defensive coordinators around the country rejoiced! He was one of the most exciting and electric players in college football this past season, and absolutely one of the hardest for a defense to contain.

Now defenses will have one less “all world” player to worry about in the Big XII next year. But that doesn’t mean that Baylor will fall off the face of the earth. Baylor has a solid team and will still be a thorn in a lot of people’s sides next season. Baylor has a great coach in Art Briles and a lot of returning and experienced players. I am sure everyone at Baylor will be thrilled for “RG3” because he is the most exciting player to come out of Baylor since Mike Singletary. Maybe the most exciting of all time Baylor History. His stellar play put Baylor in the “big leagues” when he became their first Heisman Trophy winner. An eight win season didn’t hurt either.

Good Luck Robert. Here’s hoping you will find the same success at the next level. You are a quality guy and a great role model for kids. We also trust you will add the same spark to some lucky team in the NFL as you did for the Baylor Bears.

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6 thoughts on “Big XII Defenses Rejoice! RGIII is going Pro

  1. Early mock drafts have RGIII going in the Top Ten. I’m not so sure I agree with that.

    Don’t get me wrong, he had a sick year. I just don’t know that a team, unless they have a glaring need at QB (and even then, probably not), is going to risk such a high draft pick on him.

    Of course, I’ve been wrong before.

    • He is an electric player, but we have seen his “Style” struggle in the NFL time and time again. Doesn’t mean he won’t be successful. He will probably get a first round pick because he is a Heisman winner, but he would probably be a good value in the 2nd round or later. Only time will tell at this point.

  2. Good article Kody. No matter where he goes in the draft, he will turn out to be a winner. He is a good kid with good values. He certainly has the skills needed. Wish the Cowboys had him, but of course Jerry would question his abilities.

    • Jerry Jones couldn’t find his way out of a room with 3 doors, even if you spotted him two open. I have no doubt RG3 Will have something for the NFL, just hope he doesn’t end up like the previous “Athlete QB’s”. It is proven that one out of every 10 are actually successful and last more than two years.

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