Big Ben, Hall of Fame worthy?

I just recently read a post on ESPN about the debate raging over Ben Roethlisberger’s Hall of Fame credentials. The basis of the whole article was talking about the thought him winning his 3rd ring and making him a lock for the Hall of Fame. Now,if winning 3 Super Bowls is all it takes to make the Hall of Fame, then by all means I agree with that statement.

But other than the possibility of winning 3 Super Bowl rings, he really doesn’t have the stats worthy of a Hall of Famer in my opinion. I understand that he has only been in the league 7 seasons, but at this point, the true “lock” Hall of Famers usually have something special on their resume. Most have won an MVP, or lead the league in yardage, passing, touchdowns etc. But Ben Roethlisberger hasn’t achieved any of that, and I really wouldn’t even consider him a top 5 quarterback in the NFL right now.

He has been surrounded by a good team that finds ways to consistently win. But there is nothing about this team that says whether or not they would win without him. And to me, to be a true Hall of Fame quarterback, you need to be the most important part of the team and be the difference between a win and a loss. Earlier this season, the Steelers showed that they could win without Big Ben. So, In my humble opinion about this whole matter, he isn’t anywhere near being worthy of a Hall of Famer, and winning a 3rd ring should put him in, until he can show the statistics to back it up. I am sure this debate will rage on and will be a big divide among the pundits and the fans.

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  2. Good article Kody and well thought out. I am also of the opinion that character, being a role model to kids and living a life that sets an example to others, especially kids, is also important. Look at most of the guys inducted and you will see a quality group of guys with few exceptions. Unfortunately Ben fails the litmus test for all the attributes listed above…so I guess he better build up those stats to get in – because he is a total failure in character.

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