Baylor wins Big XII and on the rise

Back in 2011 I wrote a piece talking about how Baylor used its political connections to weasel their way into the Big XII and became a “cellar dweller” because of it, going years without winning more than a handful of conference games. Now let’s flash forward to the present and enter the Art Briles era of Baylor football. Art Briles has taken a program which was more of a “homecoming” opponent to a respectable team and has recruits paying attention to this little school in Waco, Texas.

Right now the Baylor Bears are the Big XII champions after defeating Texas 30-10 and going to the first BCS Bowl game. Not to mention the school record 11 wins this season. The school just smartly locked Briles up for another 10 years and this now lends the question, How far can Baylor go? They are no longer the push around program of yester year. The Baylor Bears will be the Big XII recipient of a Tostitos Fiesta Bowl bid, but don’t think they will just stop there.

This team is on the cusp of being a national title contender and under Briles, it may not be much longer before they are being talked about as a team to watch in the hunt. Things are going up for Baylor, and they have now moved into the conversation as one of the top teams in the Big XII. Don’t sleep on Baylor, because they will make you regret it, if you do. This was a great way for Baylor to close down old Floyd Casey Stadium, and the Bears will open their new Stadium as defending Big XII champs, possibly more…

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  1. Awesome man. I’m an old time Baylor fan. Great article and well written. Enjoyed it very much. Can’t believe the difference Briles has made. Keep up the good work Kody.

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