Baylor-TCU; One for the ages

Friday Night we were treated to one of the more exciting games of the young season. The scene down in Waco was electric as the Bears took a sizeable early lead from the favored Horned Frogs. While Robert Griffin could do no wrong and showed why he has been called one of the more exciting players coming up in the Big XII this season, the TCU defense, which has been one of the best in the nation consistently, has shown signs of falling off. While the fall off is expected on a team that lost as much as TCU did, but I don’t think even the most hard core Baylor fan could have seen the way this game was going to start, and continue about for most of the game.

But then Baylor did one thing that is a mistake every team with a big, comfortable lead does, and that is taking the foot off the accelerator and coast to victory. But this isn’t the kind of team to let you sit on a lead with no real challenge. TCU kept the pressure on, and would ultimately come back and take a small lead going into the final minutes of the game. This set up for a moment that would live in college football history. TCU came back from a 24 point deficit to take a lead on the road, and all seemed lost and hopeless for Baylor.

That is until you realize that Baylor is lead by Robert Griffin and he is a one man show who was not going to lie down and take defeat. He took the team upon his shoulders and he drove them down to get into field goal range where they could ultimately find a way to win the game. If you are just an average college football fan, this game was the best case of why everybody around the country loves this sport. It has been called god’s sport by Bill King and on this night, he was right. In Waco, Texas god was watching one of the most exciting games anyone will be able to remember for a long time.

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5 thoughts on “Baylor-TCU; One for the ages

  1. Saw the game. Enjoyed your observations. As usual you were right on the mark…the human side of the game.

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  3. Art Briles is one of the most driven and talented coaches in NCAA. He took Stephenville to 5 state championships, motivated high school boys to memorize over 200 plays. He also somehow convinced them to workout every day in the summer and when a hs player does that no coach can even be on champs. Lots of coaches become administrators at the college level, Briles is completely hands on. I said a year ago that given some time, Briles will make Baylor a contender. Fun to watch. That was one of the more exciting games I have seen. Patterson is no slouch either.

    • Briles is an exciting coach, just have to wonder how much longer will be stay in Waco if he continues to find ways to win. He has the pedigree to be a great coach and he is building somthing special in Waco. Baylor may not be the ole basement bears much longer.

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