Baylor Sold its Soul for Big XII

Back in 1993, when the old Southwest Conference was starting to collapse, there was a lot of uncertainty for a handful of schools who appeared were going to be left out of the rumored combining of the Big 8 and the big three remaining schools of the SWC.  It is also rumored there was a lot of back room negotiating going on between representatives from Houston, Rice, SMU, TCU and Baylor.  Each of these teams wanted to be the lucky “tag along” program who would get into the new twelve team conference which was to be formed.

Each team had a solid argument as to what they would bring to the table, and why they felt their existing rivalries would be a good fit in this new conference.  But one team had an “ace in the hole”  which would give them something the other three didn’t; political connections!  Yes, apparently the Baylor Bears had a political connection with the Governor of Texas (or theTexaslegislature) to help them get their way into the conversation and the new conference.  It appears It was this one connection which got them attached to the leg ofTexas, and brought them into the newly formed Big XII.

Fifteen years later, the Big XII has been on life support for two full seasons with teams leaving, and rumored to leave.  Baylor had to stand up and publish a statement to keepTexasfootball together and as it is.  It has been written they even threatened a law suit to keep Texas A&M from leaving to the SEC.  But the Big XII got a shot in the arm when TCU agreed to join the conference next season.  Now the conference is looking to survive.  It is ironical to look back and see how the Baptist school sold its soul to get into a big conference.

In the years Baylor has been in the Big XII, they have never competed for a football conference title, and have never really beaten the top teams in the conference on a consistent basis.   It seems only last year and the first part of this season have they shown any life as a “big time” football program.  Baylor appears to have sold its soul for this conference, wielded it’s legal power and now it will renew a rivalry with TCU which may have a few new issues with them from their past actions.  The conference may not be completely saved from extinction yet; but if it survives… Baylor will have to attest for their apparent sins of the past.

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5 thoughts on “Baylor Sold its Soul for Big XII

  1. Before hitting publish next time, you may want to do a little more research. One of the main reasons Baylor was taken to along was the tremendous respect most had for Grant Teaff. How did Baylor sell their soul? They clearly did what they needed to do to survive and writing an article stating they are going to pay for what they did, almost 20 years later? Again, do your research a little more and proper punctuation and spell/grammar check might not hurt.

    • I did do my research, I have lived in the area my whole life and I have read and re read every story pertaining to Baylor and how they got into the Big XII. I know there was an immense amount of respect for Grant Teaff, but that wasn’t the reason Baylor was taken. Everything I have read and heard has always been around political connections, people I know who have attended Baylor have also backed this theory up. I have been working on this piece for well over the last 2 months. So, stating that I need to do more research is a false accusation. I can sit here and say that I am not ashamed of what I wrote. Obviously you disagree, and I respect your opinion. If you want to debate the topic, then I would gladly debate it with you.

  2. Excellent! I now have a much better understanding of what I am hearing on the news. I especially loved your choice of words when you talked of Baylor selling its soul. I think this is one of my favorite pieces that you have written.

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