Baylor unveils new “March Madness” uniform

Baylor March Madness UniformAdidas just recently release their new “March into madness” uniforms for the upcoming NCAA post season tournament. One of the teams chosen to wear one of the new uniforms is the Baylor Bears, who have become the “Oregon” of the south with all their basketball uniform combinations. While there are a lot of fans out there who seem to love this “uniform idiocy”, I am not one of them, while there are some of these new combinations that look good, over all it is just a stupid money grab by the manufacturers and the schools.

I believe in the old school mentality, you have a home uniform, you have a road uniform, and you can throw in a “throwback” uniform for fun from time to time. There should be no more than three uniforms at a given time. But when a team can play an entire season and never wear the same thing twice, things have gotten out of hand. But I digress, upon releasing these new uniforms; I took some time to look at them and have decided to pass along my thoughts on them.

The first uniform we say was the “home” uniform, which looks like a high lighter vomited and turned into a basketball uniform, besides being bright and offensive to the eyes, you notice in a darker green, the words “sic em bears” encircle the number on the jersey. Now “Sic Em” is the schools battle cry if you will. It is cool to see them incorporate this phrase into the uniforms, but could you leave it a simple dark green or white? Either way, this will be seen during the post Baylor March Madness Uniformseason, and I am sure fans of the Bears would love to see this uniform make its way deep into march and possibly early April.

The Next uniform is the “road” uniform if you will, while this one does have some cool factor to it, it is still part of the overall idiocy. The Army green look is a nice touch, especially if you want to think it is an ode to the armed forces and gives a small nod to our troops. Once again the “Sic em Bears” is displayed prominently on the chest, but the uniform goes silly with the highlighter yellow trim. This uniform would be a nice alternate jersey if you wanted to throw out the bright trim. Like I said, I am old school and I prefer to see uniforms keep it classy.

In the end, the school will sell lots of these jerseys, Adidas will have reason to keep coming up with extreme looks and the cycle will move forward. I just don’t have to like it.


It now looks like the NCAA will not allow the Bears to wear these uniforms, which means they will wear their standard uniforms during the tournament.

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  1. I agree. I think all the “old fogies” like the traditional uniforms as we were raised seeing our favorite team with them year in and year out.. Whatever. Can’t blame people trying to make money…but I wouldn’t buy one and don’t know anyone who would. Nice topic Kody.

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