Battle of the Blue Bloods goes to UConn Huskies

Uconn HuskiesIn an ultra rare match-up between a seven and an eight seed in the National Championship game, it felt more like a battle of two traditional powers who are ranked number one. While both teams have a pedigree of championships, both of these teams are on the way back up form a down turn the last few years.

The UConn Huskies would take advantage of what perceived to be some jitters from the young Kentucky team as the Huskies seemed to control the first half of the game getting out to as much of a 15 point lead. But much like any Calipari coached team, the Wildcats clawed their way back into the game and cut the deficit to four at the half.

While Kentucky would fight to keep it close throughout the second half, they never could get over the hump and they always stayed at least one point down to the Huskies. Every time you felt like the Wildcats would get the momentum and start to run away with it, the Huskies would find a way to answer and halt the momentum.

This is like a Texas two-step for the Huskies, they last won the title in 2012 in Houston and they walk out of AT&T stadium champions again. While it is tough to see anyone lose, the fans were the true winners of this game, because it was exciting and kept you on the edge of your seat the whole night.

There are contrasting styles between these two programs, and each one has their own merits, but you will probably see this match up again before it is all said and done. The fans will be the big winners each time it happens.

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4 thoughts on “Battle of the Blue Bloods goes to UConn Huskies

  1. Great game. Great job on your blog. We’ve watched the whole tournament and it was wonderful. After it hit 32 teams there were a lot of “nail biters”. AT&T stadium was an awesome venue. Hats off to “Jerry World”.

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