Auburn and Oregon hang on to stay on top.

This afternoon we were treated to an incredible game between Auburn and Alabama. This game had everything you would want in a college football game. For most of the country, the result was meaningless, but for the residents of Boise and Fort Worth, their BCS bowl dreams lived on this one football game. Which from the early onslaught, it looked like Alabama was going to be their best friend at the end of this day. But there are two halves in football, and Auburn owned the 2nd half and found a way to win the game behind it’s Heisman leading quarterback.

This was probably one of the most exciting games to watch just in the sense, you thought at half time that Alabama was going to walk away with this one and we would see a possible Boise State or TCU team jump to number two. But Cam Newton had other plans, and he came out to prove that and probably earned his Heisman trophy today in the toughest road game he has ever played. This game was what every college football fan loves, because you just didn’t know what was going to happen on the next play. In the end, the Tigers were the victor and seemed to have punched their ticket to Glendale, but they still have to play one more game in Atlanta against South Carolina. So don’t think this team is a sure lock to be there, but they are one step closer to the ultimate goal.

So then our friends in Boise and Fort Worth had to turn their eyes to the north west and pull for Arizona to out duel the Ducks in Eugene.

Which turned out to be a laughable joke. Once again this was a game that in the first half looked like it had some hope of actually being a ball game. Arizona struck early and was able to capitalize with a bad snap on a punt for a safety. But then came the field goal before the half. The kicker decided to point his finger at the sideline after the feeble “icing” attempt. Well, that did nothing but tick off Oregon, because they came out with a vengeance in the second half, and pretty much scored at will.

While you can’t blame the kicker for the scoring onslaught, it is easy to say he awake the offense on his gesture. But then again, Oregon has been doing this all season. So, for the second time in 12 hours, two cities in America are having to deal with the thought that they will still not get a fair shake at the BCS title game. But once again, while it looks futile, there is still a small sliver of hope because Oregon has their annual “Civil War” meeting with Oregon State next weekend.

And any smart college football fan will tell you that these rivalry games can always go a different direction than thought. Regardless of what happens next weekend, Oregon is going to a BCS bowl game. It is just going to either be the Rose Bowl, or the National Championship game. So once again we will have two cities rooting hard against these two teams. Heck, maybe the entire country. But just like Auburn, the work isn’t done, they have just completed one more step to reach that goal.

The question remains going into the next game for these two, do they have what it takes to finish the journey and be in Glendale in January? After what I have seen from these two today, I wouldn’t count them out yet. But there is still time for some BCS chaos.

13 thoughts on “Auburn and Oregon hang on to stay on top.

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  2. Auburn game was awesome. Just need them to lose one, or maybe Oregon and let’s get TCU in there. Great blog.

  3. Great take on the games Kody as always, I’m starting to feel really bad for the Boise State squad. How they could go unbeaten for two years and possibly get left on the outside looking in of that BCS game is beyond me. SOS could stand for a number of things in this instance. Good stuff as always! Added you to the blog roll.

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