As the Bowl Corrupt System turns; A Fiesta fall out

So, there is corruption in a BCS Bowl game. The CEO of the Fiesta Bowl has been fired because of the reimbursement to employees for paying political contributions. Is anyone really surprised that this going on? This BCS ordeal has been called a corrupt system from the get go, and now that there is a problem with the Fiesta Bowl having this scandal, it is now adding the fuel to the fire about the BCS.

All complaints aside about the way the BCS system runs and controls it’s game. This story about the Fiesta Bowl has now kicked the door wide open for the Cotton Bowl committee to start the push to change one of the coveted venues to the Metroplex. Since the Cotton Bowl has moved to Cowboys Stadium, it has become a crown jewel once again. Now the Cotton Bowl is ready to step up and take over the 4th BCS bowl spot.

It has always seemed odd to me that the Cotton Bowl which is one of the longest running bowl games in College football was not put into a BCS spot from the begining. But I have learned over time that sketchy weather patterns, a dilapidated stadium and a huge money push from out west are the main reasons behind that. That has all changed now that Cowboys stadium is probably the finest football venue in the united states. Plus having another game in a central location just makes more sense, this is a good middle for those seasons when teams from the west are in the championship.

Don’t get me wrong, the Fiesta Bowl has been a good bowl. and it has been played at a very nice site, but if you compare the two venues side by side, it is a no brainer. This scandal is just the final straw that will give the BCS it’s opportunity to come to Dallas/Ft. Worth. I would expect an announcement making the change any time now, even though the BCS committee will have to stretch it out just to make it seem like they are really thinking hard about this.

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3 thoughts on “As the Bowl Corrupt System turns; A Fiesta fall out

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  2. Tickles me pink. Maybe they will see how good the Cotton Bowl is now. This has got to be an opening.

    • The Cotton Bowl is one of the oldest surviving bowl games out there. It was long deserving of a BCS slot, the greedy pigs just bought it out for the Fiesta Bowl. If the Cotton Bowl doesn’t get it’s chance, then this BS system is more corrupt than originally thought.

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