Arizona State gets new Uniforms, but where’s Sparky?

Yesterday the Arizona State Sun Devils unvelied a new look set of uniforms from Nike. While I like the look of the new uniforms and enjoy the addition of a 3rd uniform to the teams closet, I happened to notice one thing that was missing from the look that has been a staple over the years. That one missing thing has been the one thing I have loved about the Arizona State uniforms since I was a child. That is the missing Sparky on the helmet.

Nike decided to go with a new look, and that is with a Pitchfork on the helmet. While the look is very cool and would be great for an alternate helmet, I don’t like the fact that they took Sparky off the regular helmets. This has to be one of the biggest slaps in the face to college football fans across the country, the Sparky on the helmet is as great a logo as there was in all of football. I understand in today’s football climate that uniforms and variety of them is a big recruiting tool, especially for teams that aren’t on that upper echelon of the sport.

But with this uniform change I can honestly say that I don’t like it. I would have preferred to see them leave sparky alone and just update everything else. I would hope the school would have made more of a push to keep such a great looking helmet logo intact, but then agian dollars drive the boat and all Nike had to do was flash that contract.

7 thoughts on “Arizona State gets new Uniforms, but where’s Sparky?

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. Arizona State will not be the same without Sparky on the helment, on the side where he belongs. That’s like taking the Longhorn symbol off the Texas Helment. What were they thinking?

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  4. what’s next Michigan removes the wings from their helmets, Ohio State quits using the Buckeye stickers, or worst of all Nike comes up with a ddecal for Penn St. helmets( that would put Joe Pa in the grave)

    • It just seems wrong to mess with tradition and something so great. I would hope those helmets would never be touched, but I thought the same about ASU. Money talks, tradition walks i guess.

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