Are the Rangers fed up with Josh Hamilton?

Josh Hamilton is in one of the worst slumps he has had during his tenure with the Texas Rangers. There is a lot of speculation as to what the root cause of this slump is. It has ranged from him quitting chewing tobacco to a possible marital issue. While most fans wouldn’t pay much mind to that, it is the fact that he has come out with some very dark comments the last few weeks.

While his time in Texas has been rocky to say the least, he has always had undying support from the fans and even the club. But the tones of Ron Washington and Nolan Ryan have started to change over the last week. This is starting to sound like the Rangers have reached the end of their rope with Hamilton and his issues. It probably didn’t help he came out and said “They would get him cheap if the team signed him now, but he won’t give a discount at the end of the year”.

While I am sure they will make every effort to sign him and keep it fair, it sounds like the team is starting to try and prepare fans for a time without Hamilton. Whether it is his public comments, continued problems on and off the field or just the fact Josh expects to get money whipped, it is starting to sound like the Rangers are ready to show Hamilton the door and let him leave.

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2 thoughts on “Are the Rangers fed up with Josh Hamilton?

  1. Good post Kody. No one player is bigger than the team. Half the time here lately he seems to be giving a half hearted effort at the plate and in the field. May show a lot about his personality and character.

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