Are the Cowboys Still America’s Team?

Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, there was one thing that you always heard, and nobody would ever really dispute it. The Dallas Cowboys were America’s Team, The Cowboys would fill most stadiums across the country with their fans, and chances are that no matter where you lived during these years, you could see a fair amount of Cowboys gear around town. This was especially prevalent during the Super Bowl years of the early and mid 90’s. The Cowboys were known by name across the country and you either loved them or you hated them, but chances are most probably loved them, even if they didn’t admit it openly.

Fast forward to today, and the Cowboys haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1996, and have only won one playoff game since that Super Bowl. There is still a big fan base for the Cowboys, and there is still a national media perspective of the Cowboys are America’s team, but are they really? This has been a lean time in the history of the Cowboys, but the brand still demands the utmost respect from the networks and still gets the prime time games on most weeks. But chances are if you walked into any town in America outside of Texas, you wouldn’t see a majority on Cowboys gear. I am not saying that the Cowboys don’t still have a huge fan base across the country, they always will. But thanks to the creation of multiple games being televised across the country, and the ability to watch any team from anywhere in the country on a given Sunday, chances are people are choosing other teams for their own personal reasons.

The days of a kid in Bismarck, North Dakota watching more Cowboys games than anything else have slowly died, chances are now a days the Kid will become a Tampa Bay or Miami fan if he so chooses. Because he can now watch any team on any Sunday and get that teams gear off the internet. While Jerry Jones and most of the Cowboys fan base will always tout them as America’s team, I hate to say that, this isn’t the case anymore. America can choose who they are rooting for, and thanks to the lack of success and no Super Bowl victories in 15 years, the Cowboys are not as big of a blip on the national radar. For someone who grew up with “America’s team” it is a sad fact that is slowly becoming more reality.

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2 thoughts on “Are the Cowboys Still America’s Team?

  1. Very thought provoking Kody. No. They are no longer America’s team. The Cowboys will continue to fade from the spotlight until they get a “real” GM to run the team. Yes, they are popular, but nothing like they were. Jerry just can’t seem to see (or understand) what everyone else knows…he’s not a football guy. Classic example, the Roy Williams trade (and dozens of others). He is a marketing genius, but that doesn’t make for a good football team.

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