Are the Cowboys still “America’s Team”?

5 Super Bowl trophies, but none since 1996

The Dallas Cowboys proclaimed themselves America’s team back in the 70’s and have carried that title with great pride ever since. But in the last 15 years or so, it has become evident that the Cowboys may be losing that once coveted title, even if the title was self proclaimed. For the better part of the last 30 years, most casual fans and people across the country loved the Cowboys, but for most of that time they were winning all the time and could basically pick their prime time slot.

But ever since their last Super Bowl in 1996, the Cowboys have fallen more into mediocrity than being the dynasty that a lot of fans grew up with or remember. The Dallas Cowboys still have a lot of weight with the networks and the league in general, but it isn’t because they command the best time slot or deserve it. A lot of the respect the Cowboys get is from their past, and not their present. Each passing year the Cowboys lose the chance to gain the younger fans because they hardly ever make the playoffs, or get beat in the first or second round.

Young and upcoming fans now have the ability to be a Niners fan in Maine, or become a Dolphins fan in Oregon, Thanks to packages like the NFL ticket; kids and fans across the country can now watch any team and any game no matter where they live. And most fans will want to watch the teams that will be competing for a Super Bowl in December and January. Right now the Dallas Cowboys aren’t part of that club, they can barley compete in their division when it gets to crunch time. And it is this reason why I feel that the Cowboys are no longer “America’s Team”

Football fans across the country are searching for a team to follow, they want a winner and for the Cowboys, they haven’t been winning consistently enough. It has been a long time since the team was relevant, and it continues to look like the Cowboys will continue to be mediocre for the foreseeable future. The once proud franchise has now become a tarnished star and for Cowboys fans that is a tough pill to swallow. But who is to blame for the tarnished star? Stay tuned…

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One thought on “Are the Cowboys still “America’s Team”?

  1. If making the most money, having the biggest stadium and having the owner pretend he is a coach makes you America’s team then they still are. If winning games does it…they aren’t even close.

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