Apogee Stadium; UNT’s New crown Jewel

On Saturday there was an air of excitement around Denton, Texas that hasn’t been felt in a long time. No, UNT was not coming off some amazing win from the previous week, but there was something surrounding the school, that nobody in the current student body had ever experienced. North Texas was opening their new multi-million dollar stadium for the first time to fans and alumni. The move over from the very dilapidated Fouts field was a move many were happy to see. It has been exciting to see the stadium take form over the last few years in the skyline of Denton. But this was going to hopefully open up a new era in Mean Green athletics.

From the outside the stadium is very impressive, and it sits just off the I-35 split just south of the old stadium Fouts field. It is a night and day comparison to see the old and the new within such close proximity of each other. The real treat of the new stadium is once you make it inside, it is a typical horse shoe looking lay out, but in the north end zone there is a set of stands referred to as the “Eagle wing”. It is a very neat look to contrast with the rest of the stadium. One of the nicest things is the scoreboard and video board in the south end zone, which lies just in front of the new athletic building and practice facility. The new Darrel Dickey athletic office and practice facility finally helps put North Texas into a close competition with other schools for accommodations, couple that with the fact it now leads into a nice new stadium, and North Texas now has something to build on.

The opening night of Apogee Stadium brought a full crowd with it; there was an announced crowd of 28,075 in a stadium that will hold a little more than 30,000 at full capacity. It was exciting to see so many fans in the stadium, and this crowd was excited to be there. With the new stadium finally open and the new athletic digs right behind the stadium, North Texas now has a new crown jewel to hopefully help build a winning program in Denton.

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  1. Great article Kody. Loved the way you described everything. Made me feel like I was there. Keep up the good work.

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