Aggies face life after Johnny Football

This coming season the Texas A&M Aggies will venture into a new era of Aggie football. After having two successful seasons and surpassing most peoples expectations. While most Aggie fans realize this season will be harder than the last two, they seem to think they will still be able to compete in the Southeastern Conference without Johnny Manziel.

Manziel was a special player during his time in Aggie land, but anytime you lose a player of that caliber, there will be some drop-off. While they Aggies are in the midst of expanding Kyle Field, and have a lot of continuing excitement about what could come, there is still a possibility they could end up being cellar dwellers and stay near the bottom going forward.

A lot of people around the state made fun of the Aggies for rushing into the SEC and thinking they could compete. Then Johnny Football arrived on the scene and took the college football world by storm. During his time there, he found ways to win big games, and make comebacks which had the sports world standing on it’s ear. Now the Aggies will probably fall back into reality and have to realize, they may not be able to stay relevant in the same conference as Alabama, LSU, Auburn, and Florida.

Temper those expectations Aggies, because going forward, this will be more of a reality then what you had with Manziel. Look forward to more days of mediocrity much like you had in the Big XII.

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One thought on “Aggies face life after Johnny Football

  1. Losing “Johnny Football” would be a big loss to any team. It will be interesting to see how the team will cope. Who knows? Only the season will tell. Nice article.

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