After Surgery, What will happen to Neftali Feliz?

Neftali Feliz just had Tommy John surgery and this has opened a Pandora’s box of questions on what the team will do with him upon his return. Some people think the club will bring him back and try to put him into the starting rotation again, and others seem to think he will be back in the bullpen as a late inning guy. It has become apparent after two tries at putting him in the starting rotation, his arm is not going to be able to withstand the wear and tear of a season in the starting rotation. Feliz has one of the nastiest fastballs in the league and was a dominant closer most of his time in that position.

Moving Feliz back to a late inning guy and take advantage of his ability just throw it past guys with little or no effort. You could continue to groom him into a Mariano Rivera type closer. The Rangers would be very happy if he is able to have that staying power and be able to be half as dominant as Rivera has been. They just need to keep him from shagging fly balls in batting practice.  But before all of the speculation can be made, Neftali has to come back from the surgery as strong or stronger than before.

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2 thoughts on “After Surgery, What will happen to Neftali Feliz?

  1. The Rangers make some dumb moves with pitchers. This kid is probably ruined. If not, they need to make a closer out of him as he has proven he can’t pitch deep into games. I just hope he comes through this OK, mentally and physically.

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