AFC Championship Preview: A respectful affair?

In the second game of the day, This game will determine the AFC portion of Super Bowl XLV. After last week, which seemed to have a new headline from the New York Jets bashing their opponent New England. This week has been all quiet and the utmost respect from both teams in regards to their opponent. After two personal vendetta’s against their previous opponents, this week Rex Ryan has taken to keeping quiet. Which has me wondering, did someone tell him to keep his trap shut, or does he respect Mike Tomlin and the Steelers that much more?

Any way you slice it, this game is going to be ugly. The Steelers don’t win pretty games, and the Jets don’t seem to have the ability to win with beauty. Even after dismantling the Patriots last week, it was easy to say that was an ugly win. But that will make this game much more interesting. Last week, Ben Roethlisberger looked stiff and unable to move with ease in the first half, which led to jokes about him not getting a chance to rape a coed before the game. But in the 2nd half, he came out and started to pick apart the Ravens Defense.

The key for the Jets has to be able to put pressure on Ben, and keep Hines Ward in check. Which will be a tough feat, but if they could do it to Brady and the patriots, it should be able to be repeated. On the other side, the Jets need to use Santonio Homes as a weapon and have him attack an injured Polamalu and be able to score on a couple long plays. But the Steelers do have the ability to shut down their opponents. But the health of Polamalu is going to be key. If he can do enough to wreak havoc, then the Steelers will be able to find a way to win this game.

In the end, these aren’t teams that will be shown for the beauty of the game. But they win and they are both tough. This should be a low scoring affair and will probably be the team that makes the fewest mistakes. Which is why I think turnovers will decide this game, and I think the Jets can get that one lucky bounce to win the game. New York Jets 24 – Pittsburgh Steelers 17

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  3. Didn’t see this until after the game. Ended up a good game in the second half. Enjoyed the article. You were close on the score, but the dreaded Steelers won. Can’t believe the first two teams to play the first Super Bowl in Dallas at Jerryworld are the Packers and Steelers. Bet old Jerry has indigestion.

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