Adrian Peterson: “It’s modern-day slavery, you know?”

Yesterday it was reported by YahooSports that Adrian Peterson made some comments that likened the players current place in today’s game to “Modern Day Slavery”. Excuse me? Did he just throw the “S” word around? This just boggles my mind to hear someone who makes MILLIONS of dollars and lives better than 98.9% of the United States throw that word around. This is one time he probably should have declined comment. I understand emotions are high right now between both sides and everyone is overly emotional about the lockout. 

Doesn’t Adrian know that the previous agreement was set by both the players and owners? If he has an issue over the way things were being done, then maybe he should take it up with the people who were at the bargaining table for the players back then. Maybe it is too many hits in the head that have caused him to come out and say this, but either way he said it and has to deal with it’s repercussions. Adrian Peterson is one of the most talented players in the game today,and for the most part has been one of the more like able and popular. But this is one statement that shouldn’t have ever been made.

It would probably be smart for the players to put a gag order out to everyone except for a select few. Because anymore statments like this and the fans will start to side with the owners. And right now that is the only thing that is helping the players is the fact that majority of fans are in their corner.

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