A Tarnished legacy in Un-happy Valley

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you have heard about the atrocity that is happening at Penn State. While I am not going to sit here and re hash every sickening detail, I have kept quiet until a good portion of details were released and it became clear who had fault and who is just a pawn.

It has become so obvious the entire administration at the school is at fault here. From the President all the way down to the head coach; all should share in the responsibility of these grievous acts. There was a crime committed on university grounds and it was passed off from one person to another, so nobody would have to turn in a “legendary” assistant who was beloved by the whole community.

I wanted desperately to believe Joe Paterno was not at fault here, I wanted to assume he knew nothing about it. “JoePa” as he has been called for most of his career, has always been the old school coach, who kept ties to the days of greats like Bryant, Royal, and Wilkinson…etc… He has been become a “living legend” who still walked the sidelines, and seemed to over the years resurrect his career from the grave multiple times.

Each day more details have leaked out, and the number of victims has grown. But each day, people wanted to believe this just somehow bypassed “JoePa”. It is laughable to hear he reported it to his superior and then just didn’t bring it up again. By law, he did what was asked of him, but morally how can he look at himself in the mirror. But I have an even bigger issue with the graduate assistant who saw something happening and chose not to step in and try to protect the boy in the act of an obvious sexual assault. How can someone see this take place and just walk away? Only to allegedly report it the next day…

I have not been able to read one thing about this story without getting sick to my stomach over some of the details. I don’t know how the school could cover this up for as long as they did. Did they not care? Were they hoping it would just disappear? Was it all about money and image? This is a huge crime which happened at the University and even today it seems like everyone wants to put the blame on someone else.

If someone would have spoken up when it was discovered, a lot of grief could have been saved for everyone at Penn State. Now it looks like nobody will keep their job after this whole ordeal. “JoePa” will be retiring at the end of the season, and it has been reported that the president of the university will either step down or be fired very soon. This is a step in the right direction, but it won’t change what has happened.

I feel sorry for Joe Paterno because he has enjoyed a legendary career and now it will be tarnished because of this. There is no way in the future anyone can bring his name up and not be brought back to this. Maybe at some point, it won’t be brought up, but I doubt any of us will see it in our lifetime. Heaven help us, because this was allowed to happen at a public university and nobody tried to stop it. What about the lives of these kids and the life time impact this had on them? Is nothing sacred anymore?



As of lastnight, Joe Paterno and the president were fired. While this is the right move, it is a sad end to a legendary career.

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  1. Great post Kody. Hindsite is 20/20. Bet they all wish now this had surfaced and was dealt with long ago.

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