A Rematch? I am ok with that!

The worst possible scenario came to reality when the fraud of a system that is the BCS decided to match LSU and Alabama – again. The first game was exciting as it came down to the final play to decide the victor. While the first match up of these two schools was an exciting game you have to be a fan of defensive and low scoring football games, so this one ranked right up there with me.

Most of the country went into melt down mode yesterday when it was announced this was going to be the championship match up. I will admit I was disappointed to see this scenario come to reality, but I am ok with it, especially if this game is anything like the first match up. I know I am in the minority when it comes to this opinion as most fans want high scoring games with potent offenses. I would rather see a battle in the trenches with points being at a premium due to stellar defensive play.

It is this defensive game I am hoping the rematch will provide. I honestly think if Oklahoma State had been put into the championship against LSU, it would have just been sending the lamb to the slaughter.

So perk up America, we have a chance to have another very entertaining game and this time it will decide once and for all who our champion is. Maybe one of them will even score a touchdown.

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2 thoughts on “A Rematch? I am ok with that!

  1. Good article Kody, but the BCS system sucks. Money rules all and no way it is going to change. I guess we just all live with it.

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