A Letter to Texas A&M

Dear Texas A&M,

Please do us all a huge favor and check your hurt feelings at the door, this is the 2nd time in the past two off seasons where you have stuck one foot out the door and threatened to run away to the SEC. Everybody in college football now understands what the entire state of Texas has known for over a hundred years. You have the biggest inferiority complex living in the shadow of The University of Texas, and because you flirted with another conference last year, you feel like you can run away and get out of their shadow. But there is one problem with your thinking, you will always be little brother in the state. But now the general public is learning that with all your whining and sniveling, you are nothing more than a major annoyance to the rest of the colleges in the state. While you may beat most of them on a consistent basis, you struggle with teams you should beat handily on a consistent basis and have become the butt of jokes around the state, and now the entire country.

If you really think that you can go into the SEC and win, then you need to go sit down and have a heart to heart with Arkansas. Because they spurned the old Southwest Conference for the SEC and they have been mired in mediocrity ever since. Sure, they have one or two good years here and there. But usually it is the Music City Bowl for hogs and that is a yearly trek for them now a days. You can’t tell me spending December in Nashville sounds appealing. At least in the Big XII, you have a chance to go to San Diego, or even play closer to home in Dallas or San Antonio, and in the off chance you make a BCS bowl, then you have a chance to go to Arizona. You have to realize that your in a good spot staying in the Big XII, because as it is right now, you just have to find a way to beat Texas and Oklahoma to finally break through the ceiling and have a chance to play in a major bowl game. But if you venture off to the SEC, then you will be forced to sit through beatings in places like Alabama,Auburn,LSU,and Florida. That can’t sound fun to be stuck as a team that may win 2 or 3 conference games a year. At least you can compete in the Big XII.

Another thing to think about is that little cult way of life down in college station, people around the state understand that is your way of life and we don’t ridcule you for it. But if you start traveling to some SEC cities, you will be ridiculed like you never have before. We understand that you hate Texas with every fiber of your being, and want to finally break out of their shadow, but is getting destroyed week in and week out worth it? If that answer is yes, then you as a whole are dumber than people give you credit for. The Rivalry in the state of Texas is one that needs to be preserved because it is good for everything. Aggies and Longhorns live and work side by side throughout the state and that gives everyone somthing to talk about around Thanksgiving.

As a plea from college football fans everywhere, please get your butt hurt feelings in check and realize that staying in the Big XII is better for you than leaving to the SEC. If you are so hurt about the Longhorn Network, then why don’t you go and create your own TV network yourself? There was nobody around that would stop it, but you decided to start whining and crying about what big brother did instead of doing what is best for you. Honestly other than just getting a nice paycheck for being a punching bag, there are far less positives moving to the SEC. But I am sure as a whole, you feel delirious enough to think you can compete in the SEC, and if that is the case, then you need to wake up.¬†But now the SEC has said they don’t even want you now, you should go ahead and make nice with the rest of the Big XII before they decide to boot you out. It will only be a matter of time before the Conference implodes and each team is free to go where they want, but for the time being, why not stay put and have a small chance at actually being competitive. It would benefit you in the long run.

Big XII fans

3 thoughts on “A Letter to Texas A&M

  1. My wife went to Texas A&M for a year and lived in Houston. She says the little brother complex is a way of life at College Station. Not only are you guys annoyed with A&M but the rest of the country is too. Their attempt to get into the SEC is causing a mess throughout college football. If the Aggies want to stand up to Texas, how about beating them on a consistent basis? My understanding is the NCAA even agreed that Texas couldn’t show highschool recruits on the Longhorn network. Isn’t that what A&M wanted?

    • It is what they wanted, but there are bigger issues to boot. And they are looking to take the easy way out. If they would work on winning consistently and quit whining, their fortunes would possibly change.

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