A Glimpse behind the facemask; The Real Aaron Rodgers

I received an email recently about a story of Aaron Rodgers doing an event up in Wisconsin for families who have had the tragic event of losing a child. Upon reading the excerpt of the story, I did a quick Internet search and found the story from a Milwaukee TV station. You can read the full story here if you so choose. What struck me as odd, is the Story is from back in May of 2010, and just recently Rodgers got blasted on Twitter and on the Internet for not signing a fans items,who didn’t bother him mind you, after the NFC Championship game. So, upon reading this, I decided it was worthy of sharing my thoughts. Before I do that, I have to preface this by saying, I am not a packers fan, in fact I despise them. But I am still human and can enjoy a feel good story.

Not to get really into the meat of the story I read, it is basically a reporter who attended a charity event that Aaron Rodgers was speaking at and taking questions from a throng of rabid Packer fans and some special parents who have tragically lost children. The reporter goes on tell that Rodgers was really honest with some of his answers and some answers were surprising from someone you could consider a “macho” football player. It is not surprising to hear an athlete attend charity events, and usually they are full of the usual political responses that everyone has come to expect from athletes and celebrities.

But not Aaron Rodgers, he was very honest and candid in his answers that night. Even admitting that he likes John Meyer’s music. But he also threw passes to some of the attendees at this event and had one father ask him to sign the ball to his daughter that had passed away. It was noted in the story that it wasn’t a surprise to have Rodgers oblige the request, but what is surprising is his message written. He wrote “To Cheri the angel. Save me a spot. – Aaron Rodgers” That is enough to really show his true character and show that while he is young in his NFL career, he is someone we should all hope to strive to become.

The Packers as an orginazation have been blessed with great quarterbacks through out the years. But this one is really special, in the fact that he is very grounded and a true role model. Even though he plays on a team I dislike, I have more respect for him now than I have before. That being said I hope he will continue to have a good career and put up great numbers(except agianst the Cowboys). We should all be so lucky to become that type of person, or even know somone like that.

5 thoughts on “A Glimpse behind the facemask; The Real Aaron Rodgers

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  2. Obviously being a Cowboy fan I don’t like the Packers either. However, I love a good story and this is a great one. What a quality young man. Nice job Kody.

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  4. Now that I am in a WISCONSIN family, I am so proud of Aaron Rogers and how he is not ashamed to tell the world that he loves the Lord.
    This is a very good article, Kody. Keep it up I still love the COWBOYS and HOPE for their FUTURE.

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