89 in a row for UCONN Women; Did anybody notice?

First off, let me congratulate the University of Connecticut Women’s team for an amazing feat of 89 wins in row. That is just an astonishing feat for any team, men’s or women’s basketball. But other than a scroll across the bottom of ESPN, how many people outside of Storrs, Connecticut really saw this or paid attention? This has been such a small story in the national media that I didn’t even know they were nearing the feat itself until I saw on “Outside the Lines” segment yesterday. For the true hardcore women’s basketball fans and followers this is a huge ordeal, but that is such a small amount of people that it wouldn’t even make a blip on the radar.

Had this been a men’s team making this kind of push towards a record, there would have been 2 or 3 daily stories on the front page of every major sports media outlet, it would have been the talk of the country for months. While this may seems unfair and almost a sexist thought. All I have to say is sorry, but the truth hurts. Men’s basketball is followed coast to coast and is in our faces year round with great recruiting and breaking news stories. Meanwhile the women’s game seems to fade outside of the campuses that have top programs.¬† So, yes while this is a great record to behold and something for these women to be proud of and past players to cherish in. The average joe sports fan probably won’t even click on the story. It is just a painful truth that women’s sports in America don’t even garner a grain of interest from the average fan.

3 thoughts on “89 in a row for UCONN Women; Did anybody notice?

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  3. I do salute UCONN for their accomplishment. However, Baylor with coach Kim Mulkey at the wheel came within one point of getting them here about 2 weeks ago. I happened to watch the game as I am a Baylor women’s basketball fan. Watch the finals this year, you may see them matched up again and Baylor can keep up with any team bounce for bounce and point for point. Nice story Kody.

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