2013 Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Ballot

As a part of the Football Writers Association of America, I get to vote for various awards and honors throughout the year, and once again I was given a Ballot to vote for the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year. This year’s ballot was challenging to say the least, because each Coach had their own justification to being named Coach of the year.

Normally there is always one candidate that stands out head and shoulders above the rest and this year, there were about three that made sense. But only one coach really took a team nobody expected and had great success. This is why I chose David Cutcliffe as my top choice, because he took the Duke Blue Devils from being a team picked to finish last and had them in their Conference Championship.

Coach Cutcliffe has had success before at his past stops through his coaching career, but nobody except him even expected this kind of turnaround and not this quickly. Obviously Art Briles was an easy choice, but he has been consistently winning at Baylor for the last few years. Picking this list is never an easy choice, but I usually just pick off my gut instinct. I have a breakdown of my ballot below, some will agree, some will disagree and that is fine. These were my choices and I stand by them.

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