2011 Hall of Fame Class

It is that time of year again when the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame will enshrine a select group of players into the most cherished honor in pro football. This weekend is usually full of fan fare and is followed up by a football game to cap off the weekend. But thanks to the lockout and the hurried push to start training camps across the leage, the Hall of Fame game will not take place this year. That is just small news, considering that there will be some very deserving individuals who will forever be immortalized in the Hall of Fame. This years class is a very eclectic look at some of the past and some players who are not as well known to an average fan who isn’t tied to one particular team. But here is the Hall of Fame enshrinees for 2011.

  1. Richard Dent
  2. Marshall Faulk
  3. Chris Hanburger
  4. Les Richter
  5. Ed Sabol
  6. Deion Sanders
  7. Shannon Sharpe

So, whether or not you saw some of these guys play, or can remember them all, enshrinement is a special day in the NFL as a new group will be welcomed into the hallowed halls of the Hall of Fame. One person that is long over due and every football fan owes hours of enjoyment too is Ed Sabol, the creator of NFL Films, if it wasn’t for him, there would be generations of kids who never got to watch some of the past greats who helped shape the game we cherish. I could ramble on about each of the players and turn this into a diatribe about the greatness of these guys, but that would go on forever, instead I will leave you with this, Each Hall of Fame inductee has given some football fan somewhere, priceless memories of his greatest days, and I think a simple thank you to this years class and past classes is in order. Without these guys, the NFL wouldn’t be what it is today.

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  1. Your articles have great info in each one. I enjoy reading and I love the Rangers and Cowboys. Hope they continue to improve. Keep up these articles.

  2. Well put Kody. Fortunately I remember all of them and saw each of them play. You hit it on the head talking about Sabol and his film contribution to the sport. Non athelete, but has done as much to promote pro football as anyone in the Hall. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your blog.

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