An Open Letter to Tony Romo

Dear Tony,

The day has come where we will say goodbye to you, and be forced to watch you play out your days in another uniform than our beloved Cowboys. You came on the scene in surprising fashion, and were not expected to be in the NFL, much less a starting NFL quarterback for this long. But you showed the league and many fans in Dallas, it’s not the size of the QB, or even the talent level of the QB. But it is the heart of the QB, and you had a heart as big as the state of Texas.

Your time in Dallas was as rocky as the mountains you are rumored to be heading for, but even the most unrealistic fan will admit, your time here was more good than bad. Sure, there were mistakes, and issues along the way, but in the end, you gave every Cowboys fan the one thing they wouldn’t have had with you…hope, you gave us hope. Which is something we had very little of after Aikman and before you. We all hoped you would win a championship in Dallas, and it seems tragic, that you didn’t. But as you have gotten older and more injury prone, we needed a youthful option to look forward.

I just want to say thank you for the years you gave our beloved Cowboys and will wish you the best and hope for success going forward. The only time I won’t root for you is when you are on the opposing side of the field from my Cowboys. If you are lucky enough to win a Super Bowl in another uniform, I will cheer for you, but will still wish you were a Cowboy.

So, Farewell Tony, and best of luck for the remainder of your career. May the only game you lose is to Dallas. Finally, thank you for giving us your everything and keeping us relevant, even when the cards were stacked against us.

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere

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Are the Texas A&M Aggies a Contender?

aggies-undefeatedThe Texas A&M Aggies are undefeated for the first time since 1994. Take a moment and let that sink in…

The upset of a top ten Tennessee team has started wheels turning for a Surprising Aggie football team. Which had no expectations coming into 2016.

While the Aggies have been a moderately successful team since entering the Southeastern Conference. They have never been undefeated and a strong-looking team at the same time. Could this really be the year for the hopeless Aggies? Continue reading

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Rangers have tough Road ahead in ALDS

alds-rangers-odorWhen the American League divisional series started, everybody from the media all the way down to the fan in the furthest corner of Globe Life Park kept saying “The Rangers want the Blue Jays”. Well, after two games…they got em!

As they are getting ready to head north to Toronto, the Rangers find themselves down two games to none. While it is possible for the Rangers to win three straight games, it is a tough challenge winning two of those games on the road. But this team has a “Never ever quit” mentality. Continue reading

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It’s time for Cowboys to look to future

Cowboys QB Romo Injured on Thanksgiving

Cowboys QB Romo Injured on Thanksgiving

Tony Romo just suffered his 2nd broken clavicle this season, and has left the Cowboys relying on a backup for the rest of this season. This is the 2nd time in his career he won’t play at least 13 games. He broke his clavicle in 2010, and twice this year, but he has also had back surgery during the off-season last year.

Continue reading

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Could Matt Stafford be a Cowboy???

Stafford-RomoRick Gosselin recently wrote an article about Stafford being an heir apparent to Romo in the Dallas Morning News. Which has led me to start thinking, while the Cowboys are going “all in” on winning a title with Romo, he is nearing the end of his career and with his recent injury struggles, he may only have two years max.

Matt Stafford on the other hand, is young and has the talent to really be something special in the NFL. Unfortunately for him, he has been stuck in the wasteland that is Detroit. He has put up some good numbers, proven his worth as an NFL quarterback but his results have not reached the lofty expectations the Detroit fans want.  Continue reading

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